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Standardized technical mode and equipment for water-efficient irrigation in irrigated areas
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A state-funded program for China's 12th Five-Year Plan period, the research on standardized technical mode and equipment for water-efficient irrigation in irrigated areas has been completed by IWHR with fruitful achievements, including China's first self-developed circular sprinkler with variable irrigation, electromagnetic valve repeated on-off control method for precisely controlling the depth of variable irrigation, multi-objective utilization micro irrigation system design and decision-making supporting system, irrigation scheme optimization method for major crops under varying conditions between ground water and soil space, type selection and matching mode and operation parameters for drip irrigation filtration system using reclaimed water, and multi-source joint regulation plan.

The research team in total developed 6 sets of water-efficient irrigation equipment and 12 sets of efficient water-fertilizer use modes for different surface irrigations. The team leader, Li Jiusheng, won the ICID WatSave Award and ASABE's Netafim Award for Advancements in Microirrigation.


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