About IWHR

President and Vice Presidents


    - Academic Commission
    - Board of Professional Title Assessment
    - Board of Academic Degree Assessment

Administration Divisions

    - General Office
    - Division of Personnel, Labor and Education
    - Division of Research, Management and Planning
    - Division of International Cooperation
    - Division of Finance and Assets Administration
    - Division of Supervision and Audit

Research Departments

    - Department of Water Resources
    - Research Center on Flood and Drought Disaster Reduction (incl. the Remote Sensing Technology Application Research Center and the Department of Water Resources History)
    - Department of Water Environment
    - Department of Irrigation and Drainage
    - Earthquake Engineering Research Center
    - Department of Geotechnical Engineering
    - Department of Structures and Materials
    - Department of Sediment Research
    - Department of Hydraulics
    - Research Center for Sustainable Hydropower Development
    - Department of Water Resources for Pastoral Areas

Key Laboratories

    - State Key Laboratory of Simulation and Regulation of Water Cycle in River Basin
    - Key Laboratory for Hydraulics and Sedimentation Science and River Training (of the Ministry of Water Resources of China)
    - Key Laboratory for Construction and Safety of Water Project (of the Ministry of Water Resources of China)

Division of Comprehensive Business

    - General Office
    - Section of Postgraduate Education
    - Standardization Research Center
    - Section of Academic Journals and Library


    - Beijing IWHR Corporation
    - Beijing IWHR Technology Co., Ltd.
    - Beijing IWHR-KHL Co., Ltd.
    - Beijing Zhongshui Runke Certification Co., Ltd.
    - Tianjin Institute of Hydroelectric and Power Research

Secretariats of Organizations

    - World Association for Sedimentation and Erosion Research
    - World Association of Soil and Water Conservation
    - Chinese National Committee on Large Dams
    - Chinese National Committee on Irrigation and Drainage
    - Beijing Office of International Association for Hydro-Environment Engineering and Research
    - Global Water Partnership China
    - China Office of International Hydropower Association


A-1 Fuxing Road,Haidian District,100038 Beijing; +86-10-68781650 (office); +86-10-68412316 (fax); dic@iwhr.com

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