1.Introduction of IWHR

China Institute of Water Resources and Hydropower Research (hereinafter referred to as "the institute" or "IWHR") is a non-for-profit research agency on water resources and hydropower under the administration of the Ministry of Water Resources, China. IWHR has two downtown campuses in Haidian district of Beijing, two experimental bases in Daxing district in the south Beijing and Yanqing County in the north, and another two departments outside Beijing, namely the Department of Water Resources for Pastoral Areas in Hohhot, Inner Mongolia and the TianjinInstitute of Hydroelectric and Power Research in Tianjin Municipality.

The history of IWHR datesback to 1933 when the first Hydraulic Laboratory was established in Tianjin. In 1958 several water research agencies were merged into one, and in 1994 the present name of China Institute of Water Resources and Hydropower Research was acquired.

IWHR has become a comprehensive national research center on water science and technology, leading inresearch scope and professional excellence. The institute has two academicians of Chinese Academy of Sciences, four academicians of Chinese Academy of Engineering. It has 14 research departments, fiveenterprises, one division of comprehensive business, one logistics enterprise, four national research centers and eight ministerial ones.

The research areas cover hydrology and water resources, water environment and ecology, flood control, drought relief and disaster mitigation, water and soil conservation, river and lakeregulation, water conservancy in rural and pastoral areas, water resourceshistory, hydraulics, geotechnical engineering, hydraulic structures and materials, earthquake engineering, electromechanical engineering, automation, projects monitor andexamination, wind power and other renewable energy, and ICT, etc. IWHR houses the State Key Laboratory of Simulation and Regulation of Water Cycle in River Basin, the Ministerial Key Laboratory of Hydraulic and Sedimentation Science and River Training, and the Ministerial Key Laboratory for Construction and Safety of Water Project. Undertaking many national and ministerial key science and technology projects, the institute is involved inalmost all major hydro-projects research in China and provides top-drawer project consultancy,evaluation and technical supportamong other services.

2. Recruitment of High-Level Professionals from China and Abroad

IWHR has been committed to recruiting high-level professionals fromboth China and abroad. The aim is to let high-level professionals play a leading role in advancing the development of key research fields at our institute and help push forward the cause of going global. Capable professionals from renowneduniversities, research agencies, international companies and international organizations will be welcomed with favorable working conditions and treatment.

A. Primary Target

    - Research teams that are in linewith theorientation of key research fields of IWHR;
    - Leading expertsin key research areas;
    - Leaders of key science and technology projects;
    - Laboratory chiefs; and
    - Other research or academic leaders.

B. Research fields

hydraulic engineering, agricultural soil and water engineering, geotechnical engineering, hydrology and water resources, social water cycle simulation and water demand management, environmental science, hydraulics and fluvial dynamics, ecology, water dynamics and hydraulic structures, etc.

C. Qualifications

    a. Abide by Chinese laws and have sound moral integrity, be diligent and professional, and identify with the core values of IWHR: innovation, practicality, dedication and contribution.

    b. Know the basic picture of water and hydropower development in China and have updated knowledge of international research and development and transnational cooperation pertinent to the applicant抯 field of research. The applicant should have acknowledged achievements and lead the disciplinary development.

    c. Have strong capabilities of coordination, communication and collaboration.

    d. Behealthy physically and psychologically.

    e. Be under 50 years old, which is adaptable forthe exceptionally excellent.

    f. Havenecessary qualifications pertinent to the field of research.

    g. Preferably have work experiences in renowned universities, research institutes, large transnational companies and international water organizations.

The applicant should also have at least one of the following qualifications:

    a. Have acquiredPh.D. in renowned universities and haveworked for at least two consecutive years in pertinent research field.

    b. Be at least an associate professor, associate research fellow or senior management person in renowned universities, research institutes, large transnational companies and international water organizations

    c. Have top-drawer scientific achievement and profound influence, and have published influential paper(s) in key journals.

    d. Have acquired key inventions (patents) or proprietary intellectual property rights, hold key technologies that have huge economic potentials.

    e. Know the basic picture of water resources and hydropower development in China, have a strategic perspective in leading a team toward international excellence.

D. Remuneration and Treatment

    a. The institute will help the eligible applicant apply for 搕wo thousand top-class professional recruitment project? and other talent recruitment projects in China.

    b. Treatment concerning research kick-offfunds, housing, professional evaluation and remuneration, etc. is covered in Attachment One: Interim Regulations on Professional Recruitment of IWHR.

E. Application Process

    a. Application period: The application starts as of the day of publication.

    b. Application method:

    1.Submit personal profile: The applicant should submit via email or letter Attachment Two: the application form with resume, materials that reflect capabilities and achievements and desired work treatment.
    2. Resume review: The institute will review the submitted materials and shortlist the applicants.
    3. Examination and investigation: The background and qualification document of the shortlisted applicants will be examined and investigated.
    4. Admission

F. Contact information

Address: Room 1252, Division of Personnel, Labor and Education,A-1,Fuxing Road,Haidian District, 100038 Beijing, China
Postal code: 100038
Contact person: XING Xuecheng, ZHANG Wei
Email address:
Tel:+86-010-68781700, 68786281
Fax: +86-10-68786281

Attachment 1: Interim Regulations on Professional Recruitment of IWHR
Attachment 2: Application Form


A-1 Fuxing Road,Haidian District,100038 Beijing; +86-10-68781650 (office); +86-10-68412316 (fax);

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