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Eco-environmental evolvement and key regulation techniques of the irrigated area in the Yellow River basin
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IWHR has completed the specialized scientific research project in public service industry on “eco-environmental evolvement and key regulation techniques of the irrigated area in the yellow river basin” funded by the Ministry of Water Resources of the People’s Republic of China.

After 3 years of collaborative research, the monitoring scheme for soil alkalization, non-point source pollution and sediment accumulation in the irrigated area in the Yellow River basin has been proposed; the evaluation system of ecological environment health of the irrigated area based on multi-source information fusion has been constructed; the regulation techniques and management suggestions for typical ecological environment issues in three aspects of the control of soil alkalization, agricultural non-point source pollution and groundwater overdraft in the irrigated area for the sustainable development have been proposed; and the ecological environment management system of the irrigated area and regulation decision-making support system have been developed, realizing the ecological environment information integration display of the irrigated area, dynamic analysis, analog simulation, diagnosis and early-warning and decision services.

The application demonstration of the project achievements has been carried out in Hetao Irrigation Area of Inner Mongolia, Jinghuiqu Irrigation Area of Shaanxi and Qingtongxia Irrigation Area of Ningxia, providing technical support for ecological environmental protection of the irrigated area and having good economic, social and ecological benefits.

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