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Water environment improvement in Three Gorges reservoir area
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"Comprehensive Pollution Prevention and Control of the Hanfeng Lake Basin of Xiaojiang River in the Three Gorges Reservoir Area" is a national key special subject of control and governance science and technology for water body pollution during the 12th Five-Year Plan period.

Targeting at the water environment issues emerging in the branch rivers of the Three Gorges Reservoir since its water storage and operation, the subject has developed five key technologies, including technology for phosphorus pollution reduction in industrial circulating water through biological enzyme sustained-release and scale inhibition, non-point source pollution interception technology based on the bio-ecological enhancement, etc., and put forward the ecological operation guidelines and plans for the water level adjustment dam of the Hanfeng Lake and integrated plans for comprehensive water pollution prevention and control technology in the Hanfeng Lake Basin of Xiaojiang River in the Three Gorges Reservoir Area.

It has also established the “typical small water river pollution control and integral and packaged ecological restoration technology system”, which has provided technical support for water pollution control and ecological restoration in river basins of the Three Gorges Reservoir, and enjoyed broad promotion and application prospects.


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