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Evaluation System and Construction Mode of Water Ecological Civilization in Poyang Lake Basin
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ZHOU Zuhao, FANG Shaowen, YAN Ziqi,


The development and protection of the big lake basins is a major issue facing the world's aquatic ecosystem. This project investigates the Poyang Lake basin, seeking to analyze the characteristics of water ecological civilization of big lake basins and to establish an evaluation system and development mode. It also provides scientific and technological support for Jiangxi to carry out pilot ecological civilization construction. Moreover, it lays scientific foundations and provides expertise for the development, utilization and protection of the great lake basin in other parts of the country.


We set national pilot zones and carried out work in Jiangxi Province to improve ecological civilization, based on a “City-County-Country-Village” structure. We established cognition systems and technical support systems for big lake basins and brought about innovative evaluation system and construction mode for Poyang Lake basin water ecological civilization. The work consists four parts, listed as follows in specific.

1)Adaption of the “Nature-Society” theory for basin water cycle according to the specific ecological conditions of big basin;

2)Development of water ecological civilization evaluation system in big lake basin based on the “Nature-Society-People-Water” model;

3)Comprehensive evaluation of evolutional characteristics and spatial patterns of water ecological civilization in Poyang Lake Basin based on historical model and distributed hierarchical evaluation method;

4) Building of water ecological civilization development model of Poyang Lake basin based on basin functional zoning.

Scale and Distribution

Collected and adopted by several institutes and government organizations, the result of the research has already been applied to the construction of national pilot zones and the “Nature-Society-People-Water” model. It played an important role in promoting the river chief system, upgrading the water industry and water resources management. It brings social and ecological benefits and has huge potential economic benefits.

Major Innovative and Technological Contribution

1) Based on the “Nature-Society” water cycle theory, we made specific interpretation for the first time for the “Nature-Society-People-Water” mutual feeding relationship, for the “Macro, intermediate and micro” interrelationship on multiple dimensions, for the mountainous, plain, and lake topographic feature

2) We set up evaluation system for big lake basins’ water ecological civilization based on the “Nature-Society-People-Water” relationship for the first time. Incorporating historical models, we identified evolutional characteristics of big lake basins’ water ecological civilization. And we established an approach to recognize spatial patterns of water ecological civilization.

3) Based on the functional division of the river basin, the hierarchical structure of different administrative divisions, the geomorphological characteristics and the positioning of economic and social development, we established the “mountain-plain-lake” mode for water ecological civilization construction in the Poyang Lake Basin for the first time, coordinated with a “City-County-Country-Village” structure.

Results and Technological Output

The research is of both theoretical and practical significance, and is in the world’s leading position, especially in terms of comprehensive big lake basin ecological civilization. During the research period, we published 9 papers in high-quality academic journals in the field of water ecological civilization and obtained 2 patents and 2 software copyrights. We had 3 doctors, 1 postdoctoral researcher, and 1 "Light of West China" visiting scholar.

Social Effects

The research promotes the building of pilot zone for ecological civilization, the practice of “City-County-Country-Village” structure, improvement of ecological environment within the basin and green development within the region. In addition, it improves the river chief system, drives water industry upgrading, promote water resource management, and plays a strong supportive role in the construction of Yangtze River Economic Belt. It boasts significant social, ecological effectiveness and great potential economic benefits.


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