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IWHR-developed waterstop structures applied to Banjianhe Reservoir
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The China Central TV news recently conducted a live broadcast of the site of the Banjianhe Reservoir about the “spiderman” construction workers on a steep dam of 40 degrees. The waterstop materials used for this dam were exactly the coated flexible cover watertight structure independently developed by IWHR-KHL, who undertakes the construction of the project.

The Banjianhe Reservoir, with a total capacity of 33.36 million cubic meters and being a CFRC that has a maximum dam height of 85 meters, is the regulation reservoir for the Xiaolangdi Yellow River Diversion Project, one of the backbone works for Shanxi’s grand water network construction. Relying on IWHR as its technology platform, IWHR-KHL started to develop waterstop structures and materials for the joints of CFRD since 1980s and has currently formed GB series watertight structures and materials with perfect performances and supporting mechanically-integrated construction technology that have been successfully applied to hundreds of CFRD projects at home and abroad.

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