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Pakistani Heavy Mechanical Complex delegation visits IWHR for project cooperation
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Mr. Ahmad Sajjad Khan, Heavy Mechanical Complex (HMC) Consultant for Projects and Mr. Muhammad Asif Javed, HMC Manager for Design visited IWHR on February 3, 2016 for project cooperation.

IWHR President KUANG Shangfu and Vice President WANG Xiaogang met the Pakistani guests who were accompanied by the representatives of the Chinese partner China National Technical Import and Export Corporation (CNTIC). Other attendees of the meeting include the head and experts of Beijing IWHR Technology Co., Ltd. and Division of International Cooperation of IWHR.

Dr. Kuang welcomed the guests with an early Spring Festival greeting. He reviewed the long-lasting China-Pakistan friendship and the concrete and in-depth exchanges and cooperation between IWHR and its Pakistani partners over the past few years, which include over 20 exchanges of visit, the signing of MOU respectively with Pakistan Water and Power Development Authority (WAPDA) and Government of Sindh as well as many technical projects in hydropower development, flood control, irrigation, sedimentation and beyond.

After introducing the main business of BITC and its achievement in the international hydropower market, Dr. Kuang expressed the firm determination of IWHR to support BITC, along with all other parties, to do its utmost in its work in Pakistan for the relevant hydropower projects and make further contribution to the friendship and cooperation between the two countries. Dr. Kuang also proposed that a long term tri-party strategic partnership be built among IWHR, HMC and CNTIC to jointly explore the international market and to achieve the all-win development.

Mr. Ahmad Sajjad Khan extended thanks to the host for its great hospitality. He spoke highly of the bilateral friendship and in particular the technical support by IWHR. He also briefed upon the history of HMC and talked about the giant potential of hydropower development in Pakistan. He hoped that, starting from the Jaggran-II Hydropower Project, HMC and IWHR could work together to continue developing the hydropower market of Pakistan and promote a holistic project cooperation between the two parties.

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