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IWHR exhibits new technologies at 15th Promotion Conference on International Advanced Water Technolo
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At the 15th Promotion Conference on International Advanced Water Technology, IWHR exhibited three new technologies (products): an intelligent NB-IoT wireless remote water meter, a TCP-type trailer-mounted mobile pump and an emergency mobile lighting vehicle.

Based on the new generation of cellular-based mobile Narrow Band Internet of Things (NB-IoT) technology, the intelligent NB-IoT wireless remote water meter allows water management units to handle operations such as valve opening, valve closing, meter reading and fees management through the background management system. Residents can install the APP on their mobile phones, with which they can accomplish operations such as recharging and payment, billing inquiries, maintenance application, etc. It is easier to be deployed, maintained, used and managed than traditional water meters, and enjoys broad application prospects. 

The TCP-type trailer-mounted mobile pump boasts large flow, a small size, flexible mobility, intelligent control and no maintenance, and is able to achieve integrated functions, including flood prevention, flood drainage and emergency rescue. It can be widely used in fields such as environmental protection, municipal sewage and drainage engineering, agricultural water irrigation, industrial water drainage and emergency response.

The emergency mobile lighting vehicle is applicable to the needs of constant lighting in construction sites with local power outages or without power supply, as well as emergency and rescue scenes.


TCP-type trailer-mounted mobile pump

Emergency mobile lighting vehicle

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