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Evaluation research on ecological and yield-increasing effects of water-saving irrigation in northeast irrigated area
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IWHR has completed the specialized scientific research project in public service industry on “evaluation research on ecological and yield-increasing effects of water-saving irrigation in northeast irrigated area” funded by the Ministry of Water Resources of the People’s Republic of China.

After 3 years of efforts, the watershed ecological hydrological simulation model has been constructed and the evaluation index system and evaluation methods for water ecological effect of water-saving irrigation in the irrigated area have been established. Taking Anda City in Heilongjiang Province as a typical region, the underground water level control threshold and optimum mining strength of underground water have been determined; the available total irrigation water and irrigation area threshold have been proposed; the evaluation index system of water resources and water-saving and evaluation technical system of water saving and increasing yield have been established; the estimation model of areal evapotranspiration in Northeast China based on SEBS-METRIC model has been constructed and water-saving and grain-increasing evaluation system in the Northeast irrigated area based on remote sensing technology has been established. The application demonstration of the project achievements has been carried out in the pilot efficient water-saving irrigation areas in Anda City in Heilongjiang Province and Xinnong Town in Harbin, which has provided technical support for the development of high efficient water-saving irrigation and ecological environmental protection in Northeast China.

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