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Research and demonstration of efficient water-saving irrigation system for water and fertilizer inte
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The “Research and Demonstration of the Efficient Water-saving Irrigation System for Water and Fertilizer Integration,” under the umbrella of “R&D and Scientific and Technological Demonstration of Efficient Water-saving Techniques for Urban Agriculture based on the Amount of Water Resources”, a key project of the Beijing Municipal Science & Technology Commission, has focused on the product and equipment R&D as well as integrated management technology of water and fertilizer integration, targeting problems faced with by Beijing during agricultural development.

It has developed venturi fertilizer injectors with high performance and short runners and intelligent irrigation and fertilization machines that incorporate various functions like pressure boost, fertilizer injection and filtration, customized the guide for the operation and management of micro-irrigation and fertilization devices, and established an integrated model of the facility agriculture with the high-efficient use of water and fertilizer integration and the water-saving micro-irrigation system in gardens.

This subject, whose results have been popularized for 100,000 mu, has achieved remarkable economic and social benefits, and made big contributions to the development of urban agriculture in Beijing.


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