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[BIC] Water-Powered Pump
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Energy Conservation and Emission Reduction
IWHR/BIC Water-Powered Pump with High Efficiency and Low Noise

Water-Powered Pump is a hydraulic machine which can utilize the super-low head to generate energy to pump water automatically. The water-powered pump applies the surge pressure, which is produced by two check valves periodically opened and closed automatically because of intertia of moving water, to lift water to the higher elevation.


1. The power is from the flowing water itself. Neither electricity nor fuel is required. Accordingly, operation cost is zero;
2. The energy utilization rate is high, over75% at maximum. Currently, the total efficiency of the pump motor, made in China, with capacity below 10kw is lower than 55% generally;
3. No attendant is required. The pump can operate continuously in year around;
4. The moveable parts are the two valve clacks only, whose reliability is high and service life is long for decades. Besides the periodic replacement of sealing ring and spring, no repair is needed;
5. No pump house and power supply facilities are required.


Water Supply Capacity:

The water supply capacity of the water-powered pump is presented by the water supply volume in 24hrs, or the water supply discharge per day, m3/d.

Baded on the inlet diameter of the water-powered pump, three kinds of the water powered pumps, jointly researched and developed by IWHR, are classified and include:

Product 1: inlet diameter 100mm: LWH=0.6m*0.4m*1.4m;
Product 2: inlet diameter 200mm: LWH=1.9m*1.0m*1.6m;
Product 3: inlet diameter 500mm: LWH=1.8m*1.0m*2.4m.


The water-poweredpump are applied to develop and utilize in high efficiency the super-low water head (0.5m

Main Case

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