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[BIC] Hydraulic Elevator Dam
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Hydraulic elevator dam is the optimal dam type for water ecolofical environment and urbanization civilization construction. It is also an innovative achievement in water conservancy science and technology researched and developed by BIC.


It is the optimized combination of hydraulic "three-hinge-point luffing mechanism principle" and traditional sluice.


Hydraulic cylinders stand erectly at the back of the HED gate to lift up the gate for blocking water or to drop down the gate in the case of a flood discharge.


   - Gate material: RCC, Steel, Stainless steel
Gate type: Arc type, plate type, and shaped type(customized)
Gate height(H): 0.5m-5.0m
Width of single span: The standard widths are6m,7m and 8m, and the non-standard shall be designed additionally.
Hoisting structures: Plunger type cylinder, double-acting cylinder and multi-stage cylinder.
Control system: Manual control cabinet, PLC control cabinet, computer local control, computer remote control.
Other optional functions: Synchronous dam elevating and lowering, automatic alarm function and dam lowering in case of exceeding water level.



Water conservancy: riverway landscape, irrigation, expension of reservoir capacity. Hydropower, water ecological civilization and urbanization construction projects.

Top ten advantages

I. Rapid dam elevating and lowering, and solid and reliable structure.

   - Speed: within 30s, it also can meet requirements for emergency operation during flood period completely;
Impact resistance: 60T

II. Excellent desilting and flotsam elimination effects.

III. Conducting water retaining at any height, with high flood carrying capacity.

IV. Possessing fishway and ship-lock functions.

V. Various control patterns.

VI. Safe flood carrying and high reliability.

VII. Ecological environmental protection.

VIII. Landscaping

IX. Simple construction, convenient operation and cost saving

X. Low comprehensive cost




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