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The research progress on seismic stability analysis of slopes in water conservancy and hydropower projects
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ZHANG Boyan, WANG Can, LI Deyu, WANG Litao

Abstract: During the construction and after the completion of water conservancy and hydropower projects, a large number of landslide bodies and slopes are formed inevitably. These slopes tend to lose their stability during earthquakes,which will seriously threaten the safety of the projects,and then leads to heavy losses in people's lives and property. It is necessary to figure out the mechanism of slope seismic instability and adopt reasonable methods to prevent such disasters. This paper reviewed a large amount of literature by the two research methods of experimental analysis and numerical simulation, systematically expounded the development history of slope seismic safety in water conservancy and hydropower projects, summarined the latest research results in this field, discussed the merits and defects of various slope stability analysis methods, and pointed out the further work expected to be strengthened. Finally it is emphasized that it is the most urgent task to establish a feasible evaluation index and safety standard for slope seismic stability.

Key words: slope stability, water conservancy and hydropower engineering, earthquake, test analysis, computational simulation

(Journal of China Institute of Water Resources and Hydropower Research, Vol. 16, No. 3, 2018)

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