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The Society for the Promotion of Engineering Sciences and Technology (SOPREST) of Pakistan led by Executive Director Mr. Shakil Durrani visited IWHR on August 7, 2018 to promote further bilateral cooperation.

The delegation was received by IWHR Vice President WANG Xiaogang and Vice President PENG jing along with the heads and experts of the relevant departments and enterprises.

WANG Xiaogang reviewed the long term collaboration and exchanges between IWHR and the water resources and hydropower sector of Pakistan in his welcome speech. IWHR has carried out multiple joint projects with Pakistan in the fields of hydropower development, flood prevention, irrigation and drainage, sedimentation and water resources management, etc. There have also been frequent mutual visits for technical exchanges, academic research, lecturing and training, onsite flood investigation and evaluation, etc. All these concrete cooperation has boosted the practical application of water related and hydropower technologies while deepening the bilateral friendship. WANG looks forward to the implementation of the Belt and Road Initiative with joint efforts of the two parties to bring the China-Pakistan friendship to a new level. 

Mr. Shakil Durrani appreciated the hospitality of IWHR on behalf of the whole delegation. In his speech, he recognized IWHR as a world leading research utility with a brilliant team of talented experts and remarkable research achievement. He looks forward to a fixed mechanism with IWHR in terms of human training and joint research. He also briefed upon the background of SOPREST and its main business and also pointed out the current issues of concern in Pakistan, such as the sedimentation of reservoirs, the retreatment of glaciers and the impact of climate change, expecting a further cooperation with IWHR on the research of these issues.

Regarding the concerns of Pakistani delegation, experts from the Department of Water Resources, Department of Sediment Research, the Beijing IWHR Corporation, Beijing  IWHR Technology Corporation made presentations on the latest research and technical solutions in the relevant fields. The two parties had further discussions on details regarding technical collaborations and joint training of human resources.  

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