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Research on Dispatching Optimization for Canals-Joining Reservoir Group and Intelligent Monitoring Technology
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YIN Mingwan, QIU Chunhua, WANG Hao,


The hydroproject in the central region of Guizhou Province involves long water delivery distance, a great number of reservoirs, and complicated topography and geology conditions. Therefore, it is fundamental to ensure optimized management of water delivery system and local reservoir groups. Intelligent monitoring is necessary for the smooth information exchange and accurate water dispatching during the its construction and operation. Thus, two researches, Major Research on Key Technologies for the Guizhou Hydroproject and Canals Joining Reservoir Group Dispatching Optimization and Intelligent Monitoring Technology Research, were set up.


1) Research on canal-joining reservoir group integrated water dispatching.

2) Research on ecological water demand and ecological dispatching.

3) Research on intelligent monitoring technology of the hydroproject in Guizhou central region.

Results and Technological Output

Many achievements were made in this project (such as sequential decision making for dispatching optimization of reservoir groups on a yearly basis), and can be applied not only to hydroproject in Guizhou but also in other basins, regions, reservoir groups and projects, for example, some of the approaches and models are being applied in the water resource management in Songhua River basin.

The intelligent monitoring system can be promoted and applied in the water conservancy project to ensure the real-time, accurate and effective monitoring and transmission of remote monitoring point data, optimize the dispatching operation, accurately determine the service, and greatly improve the operational management level.


1. Multi-objective optimal dispatching approach and technologies for reservoir group, based on sequential decision on a yearly basis.

2. Multi-purpose ecological dispatching technologies for complex structures such as canal-joining reservoirs.

3. Data sharing was realized by integrating professional systems such as water quality, gate, image and engineering safety monitoring of the project.

4. A three level monitoring network was for the first time established for management of long-distance water supply.

Results and Technological Output

1. Patent application. We filed 3 patent applications. And 2 of them have been granted.

2. Talent training. During the project, we trained 3 senior technicians, 6 associate senior technicians, 4 graduate students, 3 doctoral students and 2 postdoctoral students.

3. We published 7 papers.

4. We developed 4 advanced technologies.

5. We completed a monograph, Research on and Application of Dispatching Optimization for Canals-Joining Reservoir Group and Intelligent Monitoring Technology.

Economic Benefits

It provides key technologies and scientific solutions for long term dispatching optimization in Guizhou Province, reduces electricity losses during water dispatching, and is capable of providing necessary supports for Guizhou Hydroproject Phase One, including intelligent monitoring technologies, facilities and software systems, laying a sound foundation for efficient management and low cost operation.

Social Benefits

The project provides key technologies and scientific plans for the medium- and long-term optimal dispatch of the reservoir groups in Guizhou Province, which is of great benefit for water dispatching and water resources allocation optimizing in Pingzhai Reservoir. Moreover, it will also promote urban water use for human, stocks and irrigation. During the project, we established a system featuring digitalization, networking and intelligence, to carried out real-time, accurate and efficient monitoring and supervision, and to provide real-time and intuitive engineering information for all levels of water related departments. It is of great significance to promote management and informatization of water resources and hydropower, and flood and drought control.

Ecological Benefits

The key technologies and scientific solutions provided by this project can facilitate reservoir dispatching in Pingzhai, Guizhou Province, and local water dispatching. It is also helpful for flood control and ecological improvement.


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