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Department of Hydraulics
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The Department was established in 1958. It is mainly engaged in water projects hydraulics, thermal/nuclear engineering hydraulics, hydraulic control, ice hydraulics, estuarine/coastal hydro dynamics, environmental hydraulics, ecology and urban river hydraulics, etc.

The Department consists of 7 sections. It has 62 employees, including 7 professor-level senior engineers, and 16 senior engineers. Among them, there are 16 with doctoral degree and 26 with master degree.

Section of High Speed Flow and Flow-Induced Vibration

● Cavitation characteristics test of outlet works and optimization of structure configuration
● Aeration for erosion reduction technology of outlet structures and optimization of configuration of aeration facilities
● Flow-reduced vibration model test and numerical simulation of outlet works
● Sluice gate hoisting force and sluice gate hydraulic characteristic test
● Hydraulic characteristics of stratified water drafting at the water intake of hydropower station
● Sluice gate vibration and hydraulic prototype observation of large and medium scale water resources and hydropower projects

Section of Project Hydraulics

● Energy dissipation and prediction of automization for high arch dams
● Bottom flow energy dissipation technology for high water head and large discharge as well as new type energy dissipaters
● Flow aeration and erosion reduction of high velocity flow
● Optimization of body configuration of bucket lip at the outlet of large scale spillway and flood release tunnel
● Numerical simulation of river sedimentation and water pollution
● Numerical simulation of dam breaking and flood evolution
● Hydraulic problems related to surge shaft, stratified water drafting of power stations and fish pass
● Hydraulic problems of water intake and outlet of pumped storage power station and high pressure bifurcated pipe

Section of Hydraulic Control

● Model test of hydraulic control in water transfer projects, 3 D numerical simulation and numerical projects for whole system operation
● Calculation and model test of transient variation process of hydraulic power at hydropower station, nuclear power station and pumping station
● Model test of vortex flow energy dissipater of hydro resources and hydropower projects
● Leakage detecting of long distance oil transfer and water transfer system
● Optimized operation of cascade pumping stations
● Numerical simulation of the ice slush process of river in winter and the prevention of ice slush hazard

Section of Cooling Water

● Optimization of recycling cooling water system for thermal/nuclear power stations and other industries
● Water intake and outlet project layout of thermal/nuclear power stations, water environment monitoring and management information system
● Hydraulic problems and "three-controls research (sediment control, debris control, and pollution control)" of water intake and outlet strutures in thermal/nuclear power stations, and other industrial, agricultural as well as urban water supply projects
● System optimization of all kinds of water transfer and supply pipes
● Simulated forecasting, assessment and prevention measures research for the influence of waste heat and waste water discharge on the water environment and water quality of the water reception area
● Comprehensive utilization of waste heat and waste water as well as environment restoration
● Prevention of sea water intrusion for water intake projects in estuarine areas

Section of Cooling Tower

● Fundamental theory and calculation method research of heat medium exchange in cooling tower

● Research of hydraulic problem of distribution system in large scale cooling tower and the performance optimization
● Tower type, water distribution, air resistance and the related aerodynamics for all kinds of cooling tower
● Influencing factors on performance and environmental issues research for cooling tower
● Research and development of tower core material and tower type as well as the performance test of filling, water collector and sprayer
● Hydraulics of recycling pump intake
● Hydraulic transient flow of the recycling water system and supplementary water system in power plants
● New and environment-friendly cooling tower techniques
● On-site examination and performance test of civil and industrial cooling towers

Section of Observation and Instrument Development

● Research and development of hydraulic instruments for model testing and prototype observation
● Hydraulic prototype observation of large and medium scale water resources and hydropower projects

Section of Urban River

● Urban water problems and the comprehensive management countermeasures
● Theory and method for the planning of urban water system and water front landscape
● Protection and restoration plan of rivers and lakes
● Habitat simulation and environmental impact assessment of water resources and hydropower projects
● Ecological hydraulics

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