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Laboratory of River Sedimentation
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The Laboratory of River sedimentation covers an area of 9,500m2, and is equipped with clear and muddy water supply systems, automatic measurement systems, and visualization systems, which are mainly used for the test study on river and estuary sedimentation.

The Lab has mainly implemented a number of researches and test studies on water diversion and sediment prevention, such as the National Key Project of 10th Five-Year Plan: "Relationship between different flow-sediment processes and channel bed adjustment of the Lower Yellow River," the key project from the Ministry of Water Resources: "Tongguan elevation control and operation mode of Sanmenxia Reservoir," and "Physical model test for the channel bed variation downstream the Dongzhuang Reservoir on the Jinghe River," etc.


Physical model test on Tongguan Elevation


Physical model test on river regulation in the lower Yellow River


Automatic measurement and visualization system


Muddy water supply system

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