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LXJ-4-450 Geotechnical Centrifuge
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Geotechnical centrifuge has been proved to be a very useful physical modeling tool in solve complicated geotechnical problems. It can simulate the prototype stress and strain under the gravity filed in the laboratory with a reduced scale model in the centrifuge. Moreover, it can be effective in verifying the design, constitute model and numerical analysis results, as well as exploring the unrecognized geotechnical phenomenon.

The LXJ-4-450 geotechnical centrifuge in IWHR was put into operation in 1991, with the technical indices as follows:

Effective radius   5.03 m 
Max. acceleration   300 g 
Effective payload   1.5 ton 
Effective capacity    450 g-ton 
Size of swing basket   1.5m×1.0m×1.2m 
Motor power   700 KW

The 450g-ton centrifuge in IWHR adopts symmetrical arms with a model basket in one end and a counter weight basket in the other. It still boasts a good dynamic performance and high accuracy speed control after many years operation. Most of the higher earth and rockfill dams in key hydropower projects in China have made there model tests in IWHR centrifuge laboratory. Various sensors or transducers are available in the laboratory, such as mini pore water pressure transducer, load cell, LVDT, laser sensor, accelerometer, high speed digital camera, and fiber optical measuring instrument.

A unique 2D shaker that can be shaking both in horizontal direction and in vertical direction is developed for IWHR centrifuge recently with the following specifications:
Maximum operation centrifuge acceleration   120g
Maximum shaking acceleration   30g (in horizontal) + 20g (in vertical)
Maximum shaking duration   3s
Maximum shaking frequency   400Hz
Maximum payload    400kg

The LXJ-4-450 centrifuge equips with a blasting and collision test facilities, which can be operated under centrifuge acceleration of 150g.  A newly developed manipulator (robot) for the centrifuge can be available in the laboratory with the function of simulating the water level fluctuation, riprap construction, excavation, and moving measurement during centrifuge flight.

For more information, please contact:
Dr. Hou Yujing
Tel.+86-10- 68786202,  68786620,  68786621,
Fax.+86-10- 6878 6970

Fig.1 Front view of the centrifuge laboratory in IWHR

Fig.2 LXJ-4-450 large geotechnical centrifuge


Fig.3 The main control board in centrifuge laboratory

Fig.4  Installation of monitoring facilities

Fig.5 Professor Simual Ting from US visited IWHR centrifuge in 1996

Model containers in the laboratory:

  L * W * H (mm)
1)1335 * 740 * 685
2)1350 * 400 * 910
3)1280 * 717 * 945
4)577 * 278 * 300


Fig 6 Containers for static tests in IWHR centrifuge lab

Fig 7  IWHR centrifuge 2D (H+V) shaker


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