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Study on ecological water demand and safeguard measures of Baiyangdian Lake and the upstream rivers under the background of Xiong'an New Area
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Abstract: The construction of Xiong'an New Area puts forward higher requirements for the surrounding environment. Ecological water demand of Baiyangdian Lake is the core problem for ecological restoration, playing a vital role in conserving underground water,maintaining water ecological balance and enhancing regulation of water resources. Based on the ecological demand of Xiong'an New Area, this paper evaluated the ecological water level combining with the relationship between Water level and submerged area. Meanwhile, the ecological water demand of Baiyangdian Lake, including water consumption (e.g. evaporation, infiltration) and the elastic demand to improve the hydrodynamic condition and water ecological environment quality, was proposed. From the perspective of maintaining base flow, the minimum ecological flow of the upstream rivers was calculated, as a basic goal of river ecological restoration. On the basis of this, this paper put forward the ecological water replenishment program and supporting measures, to restore the ecological security of the Baiyangdian Lake and improve the ecological carrying capacity in Xiong'an New Area.

Keywords: Xiong'an New Area, Baiyangdian Lake, ecological water level, the upstream rivers, ecological water replenishment program and supporting measures

(Journal of China Institute of Water Resources and Hydropower Research, Vol. 16, No. 6, 2018)

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