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Multiple IWHR projects win funding from the National Natural Science Foundation of China
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The National Natural Science Foundation of China (NSFC) recently released its funding list for outstanding research projects.

A total of 18 IWHR projects are on the list. “The eco-hydrology process and its regulation mechanism” submitted by HU Peng from the Department of Water Resources won the Excellent Project of Young Scientists. “Basin-wide water system regulation based on water production and consumption features of slope units”submitted by YAN Denghua from the Department of Water Resources and “Changing mechanism and quantitative characterization of farmland evapotranspiration with land-atmosphere coupling”by ZHANG Baozhong from the Department of Irrigation and Drainage win key funding projects.


IWHR Comprehensive Experiment Hall for Water Resources and Soil Conservation Engineering Technologies

As a national research institute for public profits, IWHR has constantly been attaching great importance to basic and applied research through the application of national funding projects from NSFC. By providing special awards to those who succeed in winning the NSFC projects, IWHR encourages its researchers to proactively engage in national research projects, so as to make more scientific breakthroughs and better serve the society.

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