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IWHR holds the commendation ceremony in celebration of the 100 Anniversary of CPC
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On July 1, which marks the 100th anniversary of the founding of the Communist Party of China (CPC), IWHR held a commendation ceremony to award the outstanding party members, party workers and the grass-root party organizations.

At the ceremony

The leading party committee of IWHR announced the lists of the outstanding party members and organizations, including CPC members with over 50-year party standing, outstanding individuals, and prominent primary organizations. All these organizations and individuals were awarded commemorative medals or certificates.  

IWHR’s CPC Secretary-General Mr. ZENG Dalin and IWHR President Dr. KUANG Shangfu delivered their speeches.

Mr. ZENG Dalin requested IWHR’s party members and party organizations at all levels to draw wisdom, courage and the law of development, and better understand the current status and challenges faced by the party building by reviewing the 100 years’ history of CPC.

Dr. KUANG Shangfu took the ceremony as an opportunity to unify thinking, refresh spirits and inspire motivation. He asked IWHR staff members to persist in scientific and technological innovation and dedicate themselves to the high-quality development of water resources and hydropower research.

Medal awarding to CPC members with 50-year party standing

Outstanding CPC members

Outstanding party affair workers

Prominent grass-root party organizations

Representatives of awardees

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