Achievements Won State Prizes

Since the establishment of IWHR, a number of scientific research programs, designs and experiment studies have been completed. Among 314 prize-winning achievements at ministry leve1,62 achievements won State Prize of Progress in Science and Technology.
The Special Prizes
1. Comprehensive research on the improvement and development of medium-and-low-yield land area in Huang-Huai-Hai plain(1993)
2. Study on Gezhouba Project and its turbine-generators(1985)
The Grade I Prizes
3. Study on high embankment dam with earth impervious barrier(1993)
4. Study on layout of port, discharge outlet and intake in Guangdong Nuclear Power Plant(1992)
5. Stability assessment of foundation rock mass of high dams(1992)
6. Underwater rock plug blasting of flood release tunnel entrance in Fengman Hydropower Station(1985)
7. Warping-irrigation by diverting hyper-concentration sediment water(1982)
8. Extension of new drip irrigation technique(1982)
9. Study on the new technology of roller compacted concrete dam construction in Puding Project(1998)

The Grade II Prizes
10. Analysis for interaction of dynamic and static forces of dam body, water, and dam foundaion(2000)
11.Research and application of stress analysis simulating construction process and thermal stresses of high concrete dam(2000)
12. Study on dynamic nonlinear analysis and test of arch dam and their engineering application(1999)
13. Study on evolution laws and training of Yellow River Mouth(1998)
14. Regulation of braided reach of the Lower Yellow River(1998)
15. Macro-economic based water resources planning and management in North China(1997)
16. In-situ experimental study on dynamic interactions among dam, water and foundation at Dongjiang arch dam(1997)
17. High dam safety monitoring technique and its feedback(1995)
18. Study and stability analysis of high slope in Tianshengqiao NO.2 Hydropower Station(1995)
19. Study on engineering safety protection of the Three Gorges Project(1995)
20. Investigation, research and assessment of historical superflood in China(1995)
21. Anti-cracking technique of high concrete arch dam and its application in Dongfeng Project(1992)
22. Investigation and extension of technology for low pressure subsurface pipeline water transfer irrigation(1991)
23. Investigation and practice of Qiantangjiang underwater protection engineering(1991)
24. Development of compactor gage and study on its engineering application(1990)
25. Test system for dynamic characteristics of turbine governors(1989)
26. High-precision hydromechanical model universal test stand (1989)
27. Utilization of water resources in China(1989)
28. Optimum method and program of arch dam design and its application(1988)
29. Calculation analysis and monitoring technique on the stabilization and support of surrounding rock mass in large underground caverns of hydropower stations(1987)
30. Processing technique and manufacturing facility of polyvinyl chloride rippled pipe for irrigation and drainage(1987)
31. The preliminary assessment of water resources in China(1985)
32. Investigation and application of flaring pier, slit-type buckets and cavitation erosion reduction by air entrainment(1985)
33. Experimental technology of geomechanics model and its application in dam construction(1985)
The Grade III Prizes
34. Research on concrete diaphragm cut-off wall in granular soil foundation beneath the embankment dam(1999)
35. Studies on comprehensive irrifgation and drainage techniques for water conservation and sustainable agriculture(1998)
36. Study on the charateristics of materials of concrete for high strength and large volume(1998)
37. Study on foundation treatment technique of high dams(1996)
38. Structure safety analysis of intake towers and asiesmic model test of orifice plate tower of the Xiaolangdi Project(1995)
39. Study on slop stability of left abutment of Manwan Hydropower Station(1995)
40. Experimental study on cooling water engineering of Shantou and Shajiao C Power Plants(1995)
41. Study on hydraulic model for axial flow pump with specific speed 1200 and development of its serial products(1995)
42. Simulation analysis of conjunctive action of concrete and foundation at Longtan and Manwan Hydropower Stations(1993)
43. The application of high-energy snow white nonlinear resistor to large scale hydro turbine generator set(1993)
44. Research on stochastic theory for sediment movement(1993)
45. Design and construction of back penstock in the double curvature arch dam at Dongjiang Hydropower Station in Hunan(1992)
46. Assessment of water resources in Chian(1992)
47. Study on deformation process and anomalous property of gravity-arch dam(1992)
48. Automatic system for hydrological metering and flood control operation at Huanglongtan Hydropower Plant(1991)
49. Application of fracture mechanics of concrete in Zexi dam fracture study and strengthening(1991)
50. Energy dissipator with flaring pier-stilling basin(1991)
51. Study on total amount, quality and available amount of water resources in North China(1990)
52. Prototype study on rules for protuberance control in air entrainment high speed flow and critical air entrainment for cavitation erosion free(1990)
53. Study on universal mathematical model of reservoir sedimentation and river-bed evolution(1988)
54. Distributed multi-microcomputer control system at Fuchunjiang Hydropower Plant(first stage)(1987)
55. Study on basic properties of weathered soft rock and its engineering properties (applied as impervious material of high embankment dam)(1987)
56. Investigation and application of high-efficiency, low-cost irrigation technique (1985)
57. Investigation and application of super-high amount of fly ash in hydraulic concrete(1985)
58. Study on optimal regulation of series reservoirs in power system of Sichuan Province(1985)
59. Investigation and application of DH-type high-efficiency concrete water reducer(1985)
60. National standards(six items)for differential resistance strain gage(1985)
61. Research of thermal stresses of hydraulic concrete(1982)
The Grade IV Prize
62. Study on soil liquefaction(1987)
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